What Fruits and Vegetables are Better Bought Organic?

What fruits and vegetables are better bought organic? If money didn’t matter, buy everything you can organic. The organic producer uses non-GMO seeds and because they don’t use pesticides and petrochemical fertilizers, their tools are better quality soil and so you get more of the things you buy fruits and vegetables for.

However, money does matter, so where can we save cash where it makes sense? Here are foods you don’t need to buy organic. Why? Because for some foods, there is no additional large benefit to the organic vs. the non-organic version.

When it comes to produce, the benefit of buying organic is to avoid ingesting pesticides and chemicals that are generally used on non-organic fruits and vegetables. That said, foods like bananas, avocados, oranges, melons, and grapefruits have a thick skin barrier between the outside world and the fruit itself so the pesticides never actually comes into contact with the fruit that you eat, and of course these are fruits where the outer layer is typically discarded.

Contrast that with apples, tomatoes, pears, and other fruits and veggies where you eat the skin, and you’ll see why it’s important to choose organic for some and not for others.

So, Rule #1, if a fruit has a thick skin that you discard and don’t eat, save some cash and go with the non-organic version.

Next up, there are other veggies that pests simply aren’t attracted to due to their high sulfur content, such as onions and garlic. Don’t bother spending the extra cash here either as these veggies aren’t typically treated with pesticides in the first place. In the end, spend the money where there’s benefit, and pinch those pennies when there’s not! More on this here.

Also note, coffee is now subject to considerable pesticide use and the process of brewing distills and concentrate the pesticides. This is probably another good item to get organic whenever possible.

Last on washing produce, I like this site. It has lots of good info and even a recipe for your own fruit wash. I tried this and got a slimy gross residue off my raspberries. Once the pesticide was removed, they tasted great.

Finally remember, farmers markets are now here, please support them! Their produce is grown to full ripeness giving it the fullest flavor and nutrition.

Eat well.


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