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How to Keep From Raising An Obese Child

  1. No crunchy muesli or fruit yogurts for breakfast – choosing oatmeal, dark brown bread, meat and fish instead
  2. No fast food or white bread for lunch; choose brown bread, meat, fish and vegetables instead
  3. Portions served up in the kitchen – no pots and pans at the dining table
  4. Plate proportions for dinner should be: half vegetables, a quarter brown rice, pasta or potatoes, and a quarter low fat fish or meat
  5. Wait 20 minutes before having second helpings – this allows time for the body to feel full
  6. Feel satisfied after each meal
  7. Only two pieces of fruit per day
  8. Fast food only once a month
  9. Sweets only once a week
  10. Snack only once a week
  11. Limit juice, iced tea, cocoa, soda or lemonade to once weekly – only half a liter in total
  12. Cycle or walk to school
  13. Organized physical activity e.g. dancing, handball or gymnastics
  14. Free physical activities like walking/biking after school, walking the dog or trampolining
  15. Screen time (television, computer or tablet) limited to two hours per day
  16. No television/computer access until 5 pm
  17. Set a regular, early bedtime